Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 5 Sewing Notions I ♥ [ A Top 5 List ]

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I can pretty much guarantee that every one of us who sews has a 'Top 5' list of the items they can't live without.  You know, the fun little bits and bobs that make our life as crafters, seamstresses and sewists, a little easier...

These are my Top 5 Sewing Notions that I ♥  ... I swear I'm lost without them and I'll tell you what and why:

[ Number 1 ]
  My Gingher Dressmaker Scissors... with hand painted cheetah print (I know, they rock, right?!):

Nothing beats a great pair of scissors. Period.  These Ginghers have the perfect weight to them, which allows me to cut through layers of fabric like buttah!  I will never forget when I bought a cheap pair of fabric scissors:  The first time I attempted to cut fabric with fleece interfacing, the handle of the plastic scissors just snapped!  After a few expletives on my part, and some handy McGuiver work to get the scissors to finish cutting the rest of the fabric, I vowed to never cheap out again!  Good scissors are so worth the extra cash... especially since you wont have to spend your gas to drive back to the store to buy yet another set of cheap-o scissors. *wink* I actually picked this pair up from Joann's with a 40% Off coupon... woot!

[ Number 2 ]
  The Grabbit! Magnetic Pin 'Cushion'.

This thing is AWESOME, and not only because they come in pink!  With kids and pets (and a husband) in the house, I can't afford to have pins lying around.  Although I have a room dedicated as my studio, it would be no fun if I forbade everyone from coming in to visit because there may or may not be pins all in the rug... Not to worry... with my Grabbit!, if I drop a pin (or pins) I can just wave it slowly over the rug and any rouge pins are sucked right up with its super-magnet! Yeeeahhh Baby!  I have also mastered the pin-flick... which is basically where I set my Grabbit! off to the side as I'm sewing and as I remove pins from my project I just flick it towards the Grabbit and, well, it will Grab It... the pin... thus making my life easier and me more efficient, I'm convinced.

[ Number 3 ]
  Titanium Needles... yes, you read right... Titanium.

Okay, I know the package says "Embroidery Needles" and I do use them for embroidery... buuuut, I also use them for plain ol' sewing, too.  These suckers are so strong, it's not even funny!  They will stitch forever, it seams, for embroidery without breaking or dulling.  When I use them to sew, the only way thus far, that I have had to change one is b/c I have bent the needle... not broken it.  (Note: my bending of a titanium needle is mainly in part because I try to force some ridiculously thick amount of fabric through my machine which is saying 'no, no, no' whilst I try to convince it 'yes, yes, yes'... not a nice way to treat one's machine, I know, and I apologize.  I love my Singer).  I honestly can't say if there are Titanium sewing needles as I've not actually looked for them... shame on me.  I'm happy with what these do, ha.  Again, a little more expensive... but worth it!! 

Look at that beauty of a Titanium Needle.

[ Number 4 ]
  Seam Ripper

A seam ripper rates on my list for so many reasons... not only does it allow you undo wonky stitches, it helps make holes for snaps, poke out corners of fabric, open seams (duh), push fabric into purse frames, unclog your fabric glue bottle, tease bits of thread out from below the presser plate on your machine... shall I go on?

"To Sew is to rip" - Lisa Lam, U-Handbag

[Number 5]
 The Fasturn Tool, the most awesomest fabric turning tool! (Yep, I said 'awesomest' which is more awesome than awesome, hence the '-est' at the end of it... you may use it. *wink*)

  I picked up the Fasturn (links to video!), at The Sewing Expo in Atlanta, Ga, a little over two years ago.  This handy tool has helped me in so many ways.  It for sure makes life much, much, easier.  Honestly, when I first bought it I thought... "really, am I going to use this??" the answer... YES!  It's amazing how many times I've found easier ways through projects with this handy dandy tool... aside from turning tubes of fabric, I've used the wires to pull ribbon and elastic through casings, etc.  I actually showed my daughter how to use it when she made her first dress this past weekend!

I could go on and on with tools and stuff that make sewing easier for me... but that would defeat the purpose of having a Top 5 List... right?  What are some of your fav. tools?  I'd love to hear about them and learn a thing or two... I'm always up for learning about new things!  Leave a comment!  Or, if you have tried one of the above items I ♥ ... I want to hear about that, too!

 Happy Sewing!

XxOo~ Melissa
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  1. OMG. I have to go shopping now. thanks.

    I just got my Janome memory craft back from my mom and it does some light embroidery. Although, I haven't even tried that yet! I have found that puppy sews like buttah compared to my 30something year old kenmore. Don't get me wrong, my Kenmore works like a dream! The janome just has some awesome settings that make sewing sooooo much more enjoyable!

    Don't worry though, I won't be opening up shop to make handbags! haha! I could never make anything as beautiful as yours! Plus, I'm much more of a hooker. But it does make diaper making ten times easier and faster!

  2. I wouldn't mind if you sold bags! Thanks for the compliment... hooker. *hug* ;-) Yes, my Nan's 70's brother will always be my first love... but my Singer Futura is my everyday go-to gal... she's been through a lot. :-)

  3. hi!, where did u find those scissors? I love the print looks so nice!!

  4. Love the Fasturn! Had it for a few years and one day decided to use it to turn apron straps. Don't know what took me so long to use it but it is one of my favorite things now!


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