Monday, June 13, 2011

My Crafty-DIY Wishlist

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Good Monday Morning!

I'm a busy gal this first week of Summer Vacay!  Not only am I working on some fun custom orders, my oldest daughter, Trista, is heading to her first Girl Scout Troop Camp later this week.  Eeeep!  I am so excited for her but an anxious Momma at the same time.  Her troop leaders will be with them and it's only for three days,  so I know there is not a thing to worry about... her troop leaders are Wonderful!!

Another reason I'm so busy is because I need to finish the 12 appliqued shirts that I'm making for the troop... yep, you read that right, twelve.  I'm appliqueing "Troop" and their number using Girl Scout fabric from Robert Kaufman... I'll talk more about these in a later post... Shhhh, maybe with a tutorial. *wink*

As I'm working on these shirts my mind wanders to all of the fun crafty stuff I'd like to try making.  Of course I still have bunting on my brain from this past Fabulous Fabric Friday; with these GS shirts I was thinking "How cute would bunting be for the Troop's meeting hall?!?!"  ... Um, VERY!  So there we go... I've started a Crafty-DIY Wishlist.

#1: Bunting for Trista's Troop.
  Made with Girl Scout Fabric... with their Troop number appliqued on it.

Some inspiration:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I would also love to put some above my girls' beds... with their names or initials appliqued on them, perhaps?

Don't you just love how cheerful they are? Like being at a fair or circus... so fun!

#2: Fabric Silhouettes
  I'm really drawn to silhouettes for decor as well.  I love the vintage feel... what I love more is the modern spin on an old-time classic!  I'd love to do some of our family... the dogs included... and display them on a wall in our livingroom.

I really like the different frames used here:

This could be a fun weekend project this summer!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

#3 Photo display wall:
  I have some bare walls in my living room and I've been saying I'd like a framed photo collage on one of them... then I saw this:

I'm really drawn to how orderly this display is, but it still has a nice mix of sizes, which I like, too.

And of course I thought this perfect for my sewing studio:

Okay, enough day dreaming, I've got to work on these GS shirts!  Have a lovely Monday!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Thanks for stopping by Craft Buds! You make really cute things--I'm going to follow your blog. :)

  2. Thanks bunches Lindsay! I'm headed over to yours now!

  3. Ohh so cute! Great inspiration! I am planning a circus theme for my sons first bday and I am going to attempt the banner! Ahh!

  4. You can do it! ;-) P.s. if you do, be sure to take lots of pics and blog so I can see the adorable-ness!


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