Monday, June 6, 2011

T's First Dress! [Weekend Project #1- Wrap Up]

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend, ours was fabulous!

Today I'm going to wrap up this weekend's project, which included my 8yr. old learning how to sew AND making her first dress!

We used Simplicity Pattern #2228 and some cute tutti-fruitti fabric that Trista's Grandma included in the awesome birthday sewing bundle she sent for T.

After explaining how to read a pattern and trace it in her size it was time to pin and cut our pattern from the fabric.  Trista did great with sewing on her machine.  Her lines were super straight and she needed little guidance from Momma (that's me, duh).

Tracing pattern, pinning to and cutting fabric; pinning bias; neat, straight stitching!
Trista was SO proud of herself (as I am of her, too!).  She was sure to model her dress for everyone....

Her "I made this" pose. :-)

Flip Flop ties

She has also vowed to make more dresses for herself and little sister! That's my girl. :-)
Proud Seamstress.

It was such a good time teaching my daughter to sew, I enjoy being able to pass on my knowledge and have her share in the excitement of sewing and feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project.  I would absolutely recommend the Simplicity pattern (#2228) to anyone learning to sew... it was sew easy! (And cute to boot!)

Did you do any sewing, crafting, creating, this weekend?  If so, please do share with me in the comments below!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. I taught my niece to crochet while we were home in Texas! She loved it!

    I wish I could have taught her more, but she was teaching her cousin to do it when I left.

    Amazing how we can influence the next generation!

  2. Betzy, I love it! Remember making Ponchos and such!? It feels so good to influence and pass on our love of craft, I agree... amazing. ;-)

  3. yep! my niece still loves hers! that was quite a while ago! it barely fits her anymore, but she still brings it out everytime I see her and shows me she still has it!

  4. So cute! I will have to take a look at that pattern.


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