Saturday, June 11, 2011

Working Mommas [ My Collaboration with LMC Accessories]

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A little while back, in my Spring Break post, I had some exciting news to share.  When the time came there was a blogger blip and I resorted to a Facebook note in lieu of blogging to share.  Well, I'm bringing that little "note" over to where it belongs... here on my Blog. *wink*  Ready for some fun?

  A few months back, Melanie, a mother of 4 and the creator/owner of Lil' Miss Couture Accessories, a handmade hair accessory boutique for the 'Couture Girl Next Door', reached out to me about designing some handmade couture clip cases to hold her fabulous couture hair clips!  After some brainstorming with Melanie, I was off to do what I love, designing and sewing, of course.  I came up with two designs that I am proud to say she "loves" and the items are now for sale in her shop!

"So Chick & So Couture"

Available at

Clutch with removable strap.  Holds up to 24 clips.

Clip Wallet holds up to 14 clips... perfect purse-size.
 I am so honored that Melanie came to me about this project and happy to say these are handmade exclusively for Lil Miss Couture; so, if you know a "Couture Girl Next Door', head on over to Melanie's Facebook and tell her SoChick sent you!  She really has some stunning accessories... Mommies can get in on the action, too! (Hey, I've been known to put my girl's clips in my hair, why not?!)

Thanks for letting me share this with you, again (if you already read it on Facebook).  Have a wonderful weekend!

XxOo ~ Melissa

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