Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Fabulous Fabric Friday! ~Yay!~

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Keeping true to my commitment, another first for this week is Fabulous Fabric Friday. ~Yay!~  I'm a self proclaimed fabric addict, so what better way to end the week than with browsing around and drooling over fabulous fabric finds?!

Each Friday I'll post about fabric I have used, would like to use or just plain ol' love for the sheer feeling of joy I get from seeing it being used in other folks' projects... because let's face it, my 'to-make' list is way long and in the meantime I can fill the need with pictures of what others have made and call it inspiration!

This week for Fab. Fab. Friday I'm going to chat about designer Amy Butler's newest line, Soul Blossoms.  Amy's fabrics are always fresh, fun and of excellent quality.  I have used her quilting cottons as well as her cotton sateen home decorator weight fabrics... and am completely in love with them all!

The 'Passion' colorway absolutely makes me think of  summertime, with the use of bright colors like coral and orange, with splashes of aqua and lime.

I picked up some Soul Blossom fat quarters at Sewing Expo back in March and can't wait for you to see how I put them to use... you'll have to hold out, though, but I promise it will be So worth it!

  Here is a beautiful quilt I found on Etsy which uses Soul Blossoms...

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

... are you hooked or what?!  Don't you want to wrap up in that quilt on the front porch swing with a good read and a summer breeze!? (With a cold... lemonade?!) *wink*

"Beauty is in the way you live. Enjoy your surroundings. Let them inspire you. Follow your own path, and approach everything you do with love in your heart." ~Amy Butler

I hope you enjoyed this week's Fabulous Fabric Friday as much as I enjoyed writing about it... I wish I could drool over fabric every day... wait, I do... almost. ;-)  Have a wonderful Friday!!

XxOo~ Melissa

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