Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Take A Trip {to Savannah, Georgia}

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I have a sweet little Sewing Machine review planned for tomorrow, along with another nice little surprise to kick-off the first day of Summer! *woot!*  For today, though, I thought I'd take you on a quick visit to Savannah, GA...  not a bad way to start the week, right?

Every spring in recent years, my husband and I have gone on a little mini-trip for the two of us.  Anywhere from Raleigh, NC for a night to Las Vegas for three nights, it's always a fun time. (P.s. I love Las Vegas, so fun, great buffets!)  This past march we went to Fripp Island, SC with Joe's family, which we usually do late in the summer.  We were fortunate to get away to take an overnight trip to Savannah, which is about an hour from Fripp.

I'm an Army brat, so we moved around quite a bit in my early years, but I grew-up/was raised in Sleepy Hollow, NY, once my Dad retired.  Don't let me being a 'yankee' fool you, though, I have a serious love for most things southern; Savannah quickly stole my heart!
Spanish Moss, yes, please!
 For our overnight trip we stayed at The Marshall House which was featured in Southern Living's April 2011 Issue.

How perfect that I received the magazine in the mail as we were deciding where to take our trip?! It was a sign, I'm sure.

What a beautiful Inn, I love the old architecture; the 16 bay veranda on the front... which has been there since the beginning... stunning!
Nighttime view from our Haunted Tour.

A quick view of our room, which looks amazingly similar to my bedroom at home,
 same color paint, white bedding, dark mahogany furniture. *swoon*
After checking in we took a walk down to East Bay St. which runs above and parallel to the infamous River St.  The old oaks heavy with Spanish moss lend such an ambiance to everything in Savannah... I can only imagine the history those trees have witnessed.

The view overlooking River St and the Savannah River from E Bay St.

We walked to the end of E Bay to have dinner at The Pirates' House Restaurant.  Fun atmosphere and great food... worth the walk, though, it really wasn't too far.  There's so much haunted history in Savannah as well, and to think that we ate dinner where many a Pirate frequented from the mid-1700's on, was really something.

After dinner we walked down to River St., full of shoppes and pubs.  My favorite is always the Savannah Candy Kitchen, where they make homemade candy all day long! Yummy!!! Since it was Easter weekend when we were there, this is where we picked up our girls' Easter basket... lucky girls. *Wink*

This next photo may look familiar as I left a sneak peek of it on my previous post when I made my Commitment to Blogging:

The sun setting on E Bay St.,
along with the iron lined walkways over River St. alleys,
 really make for great photo ops. 
Ahhh, River St., gotta love that cobble stone road!
Walking can be tricky down on River St. between the crowds of people and the old cobble stone walk ways... not to mention the crazy steep stairways up to E Bay St.  Again, just imagine all of the history these original roads, walks, stairs, have seen!
River Street
Watch your step!
After all of the walking around we went on a Haunted Pub Tour... which was interesting, to say the least.  The next day we woke up to have breakfast in the Atrium at The Marshall House, again, so beautiful, so southern!

Then it was time for more walking... and pictures!

I love the handmade iron gates!

Jones St. voted 'Most Picturesque Street in America'
several years in a row, by Southern Living Magazine.

I just adore these homes!

It's not Savannah without a secret garden, and Jasmine lined walls!
I could see my self living in Savannah... *wink*.  The history, old homes, beautiful gardens and parks aka squares... of which Savannah has 24, but two of those have been lost due to being built upon.  The shoppes and restaurants are just amazing as well.  I think Savannah is the epitome of Southern Architecture, Grace and Charm.

Thanks for joining me on this little trip this morning... be sure to come back tomorrow for my Sewing Machine review and a sweet little summertime surprise!

XXOO~ Melissa


  1. Those are great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. i have always wanted to visit savannah! your pics are gorgeous:) maybe someday! :)gina

  3. Thanks Rach and Gina. I wish we could have stayed longer! Next trip will be Charleston, Sc. ;-)

  4. I agree, beautiful pictures! I loved Savannah, everything was gorgeous and we happened to be there as all the flowers were just starting to bloom! I remember taking the trolley tour and seeing where Tom Hanks sat for Forrest Gump, as well as taking a haunted ghost tour. Lots of fun! :-)

  5. Hi,
    I found your blog through google. We're honeymooning there this summer. Any recommendations, did you really like The Marshall hotel? Also, anything you wished you'd have seen but didn't?


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