Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration Workshop [Week 5: Perfect Bathroom]

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It's Thursday so I'm linking up with Gussy Sews' Inspiration Workshop!  This week's prompt was The Perfect Bathroom.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

This was more difficult for me than I thought it was going to be.  I guess its not something I've thought a whole lot about.  I have no need for a fantastical bathroom; I think one with enough room for a claw foot tub would suffice:

Now I know that's not a claw-foot tub, but it'll do for picture sake.  I love the white wrap-around curtain, too... yeah, and that bead board!

I also am drawn to the dark wood vanities with shiny classic fixtures... I also like white porcelain knobs on faucets, etc:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Subway tile is so pretty, too, and timeless:

I'd like lots of natural light and probably a pretty shade of blue.... my go-to colors for a bedroom and master bath are always a medium gray/blue with dark wood, white trim and linens... Sooo pretty!

This was our bath at the Marshall House when we stayed in Savannah, GA:

Way smaller than what my Perfect Bathroom would be, but spot on with the white, blue, bead board, subway tile and traditional fixtures (lighting, faucets, etc... though you can't see them in this picture) Yes, I took a picture of the bathroom! And our bedroom, and the hall outside our room, shall I go on? *wink*

What's your Perfect Bathroom looking like?  I'd love to hear, or just say 'Hi' in a comment below... I &hearts: comments!

See you tomorrow for Fabulous Fabric Friday!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Hi!! Natural light and a claw foot tub were 2 of my must haves too!! Coming from Gussy!

  2. I love the dark wood against the white! You have such beautiful inspirations, I love them!

  3. I second the need for a claw foot tub and I love simple subway tile.

  4. I love your picks!! I'm all about the clawfoot tub too :)

  5. I'm so with you on the color palette and the clawfoot tub - nice choices :)

  6. I love the color scheme you like - so spa-ish! Clawfoot tubs are so romantic too...

  7. These are all fabulous!
    Great Inspiration!
    Shelly xo


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