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My Singer Futura CE-150 [ A Sewing/Embroidery Machine Review ]

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I'd like to introduce you to my partner in crime sewing stitches.

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This here's the Singer Futura CE-150.  She's a sewing/embroidery combo machine, and I love her to pieces... so much so that I've not named her... I simply just refer to her as "her" or "my Singer".  I know, way loving, right? Well, she's not complained... much.

Lets start with the nitty gritty's about this stitchin' gal, then I'll tell you why I her.

Specs: 17 x 11 x 12 inches ; 41 pounds

- All-in-one Sewing and Embroidery Machine, with 24 built-in stitches (plus 2 automatic one-step buttonhole stitches... though I've yet to use this awesome feature)

- Self threading needle and drop-in bobbin -Yay, easy!

- 13 adjustable needle positions, plus drop feed for ease of creative topstitching and free motion stitching (a nice perk for those who quilt... i'm getting there)

-120 pre-programmed embroidery designs and 5 fonts... but reads most home embroidery designs... and I have TONS!

- 2 embroidery hoops

-Included 7 snap-on (easy!) presser feet. (My fav. being the satin stitch and seam guide feet.. woot!)

- Add on packages are available which lend more creativity to the embroidery with AutoPunch (convert images into designs), Photo-Stitch (create designs from a photograph), and CrossStitch (make designs look like they've been cross stitched onto fabric)

I've seen this machine priced for sale anywhere from $450-$600.  I would recommend waiting for a sale OR seeing if you can get any Add-on packages free-with-purchase... just to get the most bang for your buck.

You may be thinking "Whoa, Six hundred bucks!?", but really, that's inexpensive for a quality starter Emrboidery/Sewing machine... AND, if you wait for a sale on Joanns.com, you'll come out on top.

With all of that out of the way, let me tell you more about my Singer Futura CE-150:

 I was lucky enough to receive mine as a gift about 2 Christmas' ago... before then I was using my Grandmother's 1970's Brother to sew my bags :-)

  I use my machine just about every day for general sewing of handbags and accessories... I have done quite a bit of embroidery with it as well, which is apparent in this previous post.  I love how easy it is to use, thread, clean, etc.  It's also fairly easy to switch between sewing and embroidery by sliding off the sewing base and on with the embroidery unit... just remember to drop the feed, adjust tension, and change the presser foot.  Really, once you learn the routine, it's not difficult... I have messed up many a time by trying to move too quickly and have forgotten to lower the feed... Oops!

  I've also made a quilt with my machine and I enjoy doing applique and general embroidery.

'nuff said.
My most favorite feature of my Singer Futura CE-150 would be the different presser foot attachments and the ease of switching them out.  A simple snap-on, snap-off feature is what makes it so easy.  I also love the seam-guide foot.. which I recently learned about (in the past 6 months)! I'll show you a picture and explain more about that in another post.

With all of the positives about this gal, I will admit there are a few quirks that get me... namely that she beeps at me when the thread tension is not just so, and sometimes during embroidery when she has a hard time picking up the bobbin thread.  This could all be very frustrating when I have a deadline, but as I just said they are "quirks"... in other words, I know about them and try to accommodate so as not to stress myself out too much. No use getting myself in a tizzy for something I know may happen. *wink*

As efficient as this little machine is for me, sometime's I am more efficient... or too effeicient, as I have had her bite my finger a time or two... OUCH!  Note to self: Keep fingers away from the machinery. ;-)

When all is said and done, I am really pleased with my Singer Futura CE-150.  She has been to perfect little partner in stitches for my young business and has grown with me from the onset of my handbag sewing/fabric addiction.  I would like to *one day*, upgrade to a metal framed sewing machine (my old Brother is a metal framed work horse) and use my Futura for embroidery most of the time.  I think though, that would be for more efficiency on my part... how sweet it would be to have two machines going in my studio... *woot!*

What kind of sewing or embroidery machine do you have? What do you love/hate most about it?  Share with my by leaving a comment! :-)

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Have a great day!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. Hi Melissa, I came across your blog while searching for help with my singer futura 150. I have had it for a few years but really trying to finally learn it. Im having issues with the embroidery part and was wondering if you knew of a place I could go to for help? I keep googling and coming up empty?!

  2. Sometimes you can find helpful info in Yahoo Groups, if you search them. What's the issue you're having? I may be able to help... I embroider regularly as well as sew almost daily with this machine.

    You can e-mail me melissa@sochickhandbags.com if you'd like. :-)

  3. Hi Melissa,
    I also came across your blog while searching for help with my futura 150. I've had mine almost 2yrs, and do a lot of embroidery with it.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you've had a problem with bobbin thread rising to the top of a design while embroidering? I REALLY hope you can help; don't want to call Singer again. LOL

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Kristi!

    Thanks for stopping by! I'd be happy to try to help out, please e-mail me melissa[at]sochickhandbags[dot]com so that I can give you some suggestions.

    Looking forward to hearing from you! :-)


  5. Hi Melissa -
    I too ran across your blog looking for help with my machine as well!! I can embroider on it fine. I have my grandmothers old sewing machine and had been using that to sew but I needed to be creative with some stitches so I thought I would try out the sewing aspect of the singer - and I have been a failure!! I know it has to work I have the scrap fabric from when I had the machine serviced before my warranty expired. I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I can do a straight stitch fine but when I want to get fancy - and lets say do a zig zag - it just looks so tiny and like a straight stitch any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. Hi LeighAnn!
    I'd love to help out! Shoot me an e-mail so I have your contact info: melissa@sochickhandbags.com I look forward to hearing from you! :-)

  7. I have the same machine, bought it in September- Returned the first one and the second one is driving me crazy. For sewing I absolutely LOVE this machine. When it works well I LOVE it for embroidery aside from being limited on hoop size. Seems to me everytime I run into a problem with a design it is pure h*ll to finish the stitch out. If it is a single color or an UT design or Kara's Kreations it usually doesn't give me much trouble. Of course I loved the price on this machine but gosh I would give my eye teeth for the Brother 2800D, Duetta or Quattro. All I can hope for is to make enough on a small par time business from her to upgrade and have her just for sewing. Gosh, I DO love how she sews!

  8. I have about had it with my machine.. Im ready to throw it out the window.. Lol but seriously. I cant seem to get the machine threaded correctly because it is always saying thread breakage or bobbin breakage. well now I have 2 broken needles on top of it all! ugh please help!!

  9. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for showing this. The fact is, that I can't easy clean or use it. I'm sure I have not enough experience. I read this post carefully and I must tell you I'll try to do what you did.

  10. Hi Melissa,
    I was wondering if you have used this machine for any free motion quilting? If so, what pressure foot will work with this machine? Hoping you can help!! I've used my machine for 6-7 years...all for embroidery, but want to try some quilting... Thanks! Karen


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