Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natural Beauty

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Yet again, I have taken no pictures of myself this week.  I dressed decently, but with my girls on vacation I was locked away in my studio getting stuff sewn and prepping for the craft fair from this past weekend.  So, in lieu of WIWW, I am sharing this picture with you:

Hubby and I were on the porch one evening last week and we looked up to see this beautiful rainbow-like cloud bursting out over some darker clouds. It didn't last long, actually, it started to go away as I went to grab the camera. (See how there's that dark space to the right of the rainbow?)  It dissolved away and I was happy when I reviewed the pictures to see that I had caught at least one on camera!

In our busy daily lives its so nice to sit and just take in the Natural Beauty around us; this world is a beautiful place when you slow down and see it for that it is.

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XxOo~ Melissa

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