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Weekend Stitchin' [ My Faux Quilt Tutorial! ]

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Faux Quilt-In-A-Day: 
A Fun and Free Tutorial!

The actual definition of a "Quilt" is to sew two pieces of material together with a soft interlining.  In this is easy-peasy version, we are only using a fleece blanket and some yardage of quilting cotton... that's why i'm calling it "Faux". 

This project came about after I lengthened some curtains for my friend's son's room.  She had a twin-sized fleece Martha Stewart blanket and asked if I could do anything with it and the fabric from the curtains... an idea was born.

Materials Used:

1- Twin Sized Martha Stewart Microfleece blanket
(any twin blanket measuring 66 x 90inches)
3 Yards Fabric A
1 Yard Fabric B
Thread to match your fabric and bobbin thread to match your fleece blanket!

Cutting the fabric... I used 13 x 13 inch squares for the topper.

Fabric A: Cut 24 Squares (Camo Print)
Fabric B: Cut 4 Squares (Airplane Print)

Let's get stitchin'!

With Fabric A: Take two blocks and place Right Sides Together (RST).  Stitch along the side using a 1/4in seam allowance; this will be the seam allowance for all of the blocks.  Be sure to back stitch on the first and last blocks of the row about 1/2in from the inner edge,  this will allow for neat corners later on when we are pressing the top outer band. (See Image)
Continue in this manner until you have 5 blocks of fabric A stitched together.  Repeat with the next 5 blocks of Fabric A, so that you have two 5-block strips of Fabric A that are stitched Side-to-Side. These strips are the sides of our outer quilt top.

Next, take two blocks of Fabric A and rotate one of the blocks so that the print, if using printed fabric as I did in the Photo, is upside down, now place blocks RST; stitch along the top/bottom edge of the squares (See above image). Continue stitching Top-to-Bottom until you have 5 blocks stitched together, remembering to back-stitch 1/2 in from inner edge on first and last blocks in the row.  Repeat with another 5 blocks so that you have two 5-block strips of Fabric A that have been stitched Top-to-Bottom.  These strips will be the top and bottom of our outer quilt top.

Lay out your strips to make up the outer quilt top.
Fold under the long edges 1/2in, as shown in Yellow, above, and press .  This will leave one unfolded edge on the corner blocks where we left the 1/2in back-stitched gap previously. Stitch the Corner blocks together, sown above in GREEN, Top-to-Bottom to join all strips creating the outer Quilt top.

Lets make the inner Quilt top:

Take 2 Fabric A squares, place RST and stitch side-to-side with 1/4in seam allowance.  Repeat with remaining Fabric A pieces.  Using Fabric B, do the same.  You will now have 4 two-block strips, 2 of Fabric A and 2 of Fabric B. Placing RST and making sure aligned, stitch the strips top-to-bottom to create the inner Quilt Top piece.  Fold the edges under 1/2in and press. (See above image).

Lay both pieces out on your fleece blanket making sure evenly aligned on all edges and pin.

Using your machine's blanket stitch, stitch along all pinned edges.  You may need to use a reversed blanket stitch for the inner edge of the outer band.

Once both pieces are stitched onto the fleece blanket you will use the stitch-in-the-ditch method of quilting, to do a straight stitch between each of the squares.  Note: In the below image you can see the underside of the fleece blanket and how the stitches blend in since I used matching bobbin thread. *wink*

Once you've gone through each of your blocks, you're Faux Quilt is ready to go!

This is my first Tutorial, I'd love Feedback if you try it and because I know there is always room for improvement, Constructive Criticism is also welcome! 

Have a GREAT Weekend!!

XxOo~ Melissa

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