Monday, July 11, 2011

Check It Out [A Sharing Post]

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This is going to be a busy week...
 My girls are gone to visit Grandma for the week; that means plenty of time for me to catch up on sewing.  I'm also getting a few new items ready for a Craft Fair this coming Saturday and a Give-Away I'm participating in next week, I'm also trying to catch up on Blogging, since I'm going on vacation next week, too!  Whew!

I have a few things I've been wanting to share, so I'm putting them in this one post and telling suggesting you check them out!  I'm making a note-to-self to maybe do a Sharing Post monthly... how fun would that be?! Very!

If you follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook you saw my tweet and update about a great find in Wilmington, NC this past Friday.  Well, here it is:

Downtown Darlings
Of course, being Mommy to two little girls helped this shop stand out... but so did the Pink and Black color combo! (Can you imagine why? I mean, have you seen SoChick's logo? Just Sayin')

Trista  LOVED it and we HAD to go in... So glad we did!

Love all of these!
What a cute shop, full of awesome girly-ness.  The shop owner was a doll and we can't wait to go back!

My girls 'adopted' some pretty pink Poodles.

Check It Out: 
Facebook: HERE

Next up:
Two new blogs that I'm super excited to be following.

The first:
Set Up Shop

Which started with a Twitter Chat (Monday's at 8pmEST) and grew into it's very own blog.
A super fantastic chat for Handmade Biz owners and prospective biz owners.  The chat and blog are sure to offer a wealth of information, networking, support.

Check It Out:
#SetUpShop Blog
Follow @setupshop
Chat with hash tag #setupshop Monday's at 8pm EST
Tonight is Show and Tell... fun!

The Second Blog:

"Scattering creativity, fun tips & tutorials with all things handmade."

Today is their launch day, so, if you haven't already, get over there and follow so you don't miss a thing!  I'm always excited to learn new things, share tips and check out what others have been creating. I'm certain this is going to grow into a fabulous Handmade Community!

Check It Out:
Twitter: @scattergirls

Last but certainly not least....
I'll be at the Trinity Presbyterian Craft Fair (Havelock, NC) on Saturday, July 16th with Tiana of:

 Tiana's Unique Designs
This is a custom piece that Tiana made for me, one of my favorite pieces of Jewelry by far!
Tiana has a great range of colors and designs, all are beautiful and wonderfully handcrafted.

Check It Out:
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: @TeasUniqDesigns

I hope to have info about an upcoming SoChick Give-Away in the next few days!

Have a great Monday!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. hooray! thanks so much!!! :)so excited to have met you through the chats;)

  2. This looks like the kind of store me and my two daughters could spend SOME TIME in! Thanks for sharing! I popped over here from your comment, great blog :)


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