Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Little Backyard Makeover [DIY]

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 We own a townhouse, our back yard is super small... but large enough for us to enjoy... and what better way to get enjoyment than by making it look pretty.  Earlier in the spring I shared my blooming garden with you, here.  In that post I mentioned digging a trench around the yard for a little make-over.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take before pictures, so here's the early project pictures:

That cross-bar on the fence is the gate, I wanted the walkway to be larger so you didn't feel like there was no way around the grill... also, I wanted a place off of the patio to put the grill.

I used the garden hose to mark where I wanted my trench to go, then I used a flat shovel to start digging the trench... then needed to pull up the grass in the area I marked.  The ground back here is super hard and the grass is ridiculous, I had a time getting the grass out.  I actually left clippings along the back fence for a few weeks and was able to rake up most of that grass without it being too labor intensive.

I already have a potted hydrangea and decided to add two more to the side of the yard that receives the most shade.  I seriously believe that Hydrangeas are the quintessential plant of the Southern Garden... and I'm all about Southern Gardens!

I had some dwarf mondo grass linging the initial walkway into the back yard, but with direct sunlight most of the day, they were not thriving... I dug them up, divided what I needed to and used them as the border in front of the hydrangea bed.   

Out the back door, to the left, is the side of the yard that gets the most sun; I planted some sort of lilies here.  I'm not too sure of what kind they are, my friend and neighbor divided a huge bunch of them from the front of her yard and was kind enough to share the wealth... she doesn't know much about them either, ha.  We'll see if they bloom... it'll be a surprise. 

Between the Lilies I planted another 'unknown', well, let me clarify... I have no idea what it's called, but my Stepmom could tell you, they are from her yard... yet another divided plant, they are green and spikey, sort of look like spider plants, but aren't.. Are you seeing my theme? Easy-Peasy-plants-that-make-more-of-themselves. *wink*

I was able to rake out the dead grass along the back of the yard, after putting it off for weeks... I planted some more Stella D'Oro daylilies and three Vincas.  All of these plants are perennials that come back year-after-year and can be divided once they are large enough.  The idea being I can fill in the gaps between the plants just by splitting up the plants I currently have... cost-effective-easy-gardening right there, folks.

Once the plants were in the ground I went around with some Scot's Black Mulch, which I wasn't too excited about when my husband brought it home from The Home Depot, mostly because it's more expensive($5/bag) than the cheaper, dark brown, pine mulch ($3/bag), but once I got it down I was in love.

Here's the finished yard, left-to-right:

I used more of the 'unnamed' greenery to line the river pebble walk, which is now home to the grill.
Just this little bit of extra river pebble walkway really makes our patio live larger... not too large, but more so than before, ha.

The dwarf mondo grass is awesome, I really like it in a shade border. 

This double knock-out rose is potted with Vinca Vines... I love the way it turned out and now it is blooming and looks very happy in this corner of the yard. 

Can you see why I love the black mulch? Look at those flowers Pop against the black... they are so vivid, its beautiful!  I'm loving the yellow and hot pink combo of the Stella D'Oro and Vincas. 

That green pole is remnants of a Topsy Turvy Tree.. I've got some morning glory seeds planted below... we'll see what they do.  I may just put some twine down for them to climb and trash that frame.  I have since trashed the plastic tray on there. 

I put my daughters' little crazy daisy sprinkler out in the yard twice a week, if it's not rained, to water everything...  The grass is getting so lush and green and all of the plants are thriving.  It's so nice sitting out and enjoying our little back yard... especially since the whole re-do came in at just $50! Woot!

$50 bought me:
~2 large bags of Miracle Grow garden soil
~1 small bag of  Miracle Grow potting soil
 ~2 bags of Scot's Moisture Control black mulch
 ~6 bags of river pebbles
~2 Stella D'Oro Daylilies
~2 Hot Pink Vincas (I split one to make three)
 ~2 Vinca Vines (potted with the rose I already had)
~2 Endless Summer Hydrangeas

I hope you enjoyed my little back yard makeover. :-)

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for this week's What I Wore Wednesday post!

XxOo~ Melissa


  1. wow! $50?? holy heck, that is wonderful! and your backyard looks great! I agree with you, the black mulch really makes a difference.. You did a wonderful job!

    p.s I love hydrangeas as well.. I just wish they stood up to the sun a little better :/


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